Here is the superpower of redypanties.


We needed one and a half years to test #redypanties. We brought in the most innovative fabrics from all over the world, and did a lot of testing, tailoring and sewing. We tried them under extreme conditions to find the most reliable ones. The end result is a product that we’re proud to present:

Wearing #redypanties does not differ from wearing regular underwear. They are comfortable, breathable, snug and pleasant to slip into after a shower.

We chose thinner fabrics to ensure an untroubled wear. To give some reference points: the inner layer of #power is as thin as a sanitary pad while #flow is even thinner.

The skin-friendly fabric

The top layer — the one in contact with your skin — fulfils two important tasks. It draws your flow towards the inner layer and stays dry. The material is 100% organic, and has a certificate (Oeko-Tex 1000) that proves that you two can safely touch.  🕊You can read more about this here.

The reliable absorbent layer

The inner layer is made up of materials that can absorb several times their weight in fluids. They are antibacterial and neutralize smells to make you feel fully safe and protected. This layer is eco-friendly as well. No toxic chemicals here.  ❌

The safe, leak-resistant barrier

The bottom layer is a safety net, which we’re eternally grateful for. This is the one that prevents leaks. It’s waterproof and doesn’t let liquids through, but breathable at the same time to make you feel comfortable. 💪🏾


We’re proud to show you the salon where Redy underwear is made.

The shop is a member of the global Fashion Revolution movement, the goal of which is to fight against fast fashion. (Yep, the photos below show the actual team.)

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Our mother, Anna, had founded her shop specializing in underwear and swimwear more than 30 years ago in Szarvas.

Us, daughters, Klári and Edit, rejoined the family business two years ago, and opened our own little Tailor Shop. This is where we welcome anyone with unique concepts, but we also do redesigns and repairs, embracing the idea that we shouldn’t necessarily throw away something that’s torn or frayed if it can also be fixed.

Our goal is to spread the news about the fantastic work done by Hungarian textile manufacturers and promote sustainable, higher quality brands instead of mass produced products that might be cheaper but have poor quality.

Our primary values throughout the way are:
– using only the best materials from German, French and Spanish producers
– accuracy in design and manufacturing
– producing small-batch, unique garments, even personalized pieces, as opposed to fast fashion
– avouching for long-lasting products thanks to all the values above

Fashion Revolution is a global movement calling for greater sustainability, transparency and fairness in the fashion industry in 90 countries worldwide. Since the 2013 catastrophe of a Bangladesh garment factory more and more people began to speak up about the real cost of senseless fashion consumption, which is much higher than the money you spend on a mass-produced T-shirt. The ambassadors of ethical fashion ask you to be curious and inquire about the origins and manufacturing circumstances of your clothes, and face it that we’re all part of the global issue which led to the painful events that took place in Rana Plaza.

Transparency is the first step in order to transform the industry, and it starts with a simple question: Who made my clothes?”