Let’s stir things up a bit!

Our aim is to reveal that we’re not likely to play tennis in white shorts during our periods, and our blood is definitely not blue. We cast light on how the huge amount of existing menstrual taboos are unnecessary and harmful.
By bringing our knowledge about our cycles up to date, we refresh and reinterpret it. We work on transforming period stigmas into a positive approach, according to which the menstrual cycle is a superpower. Let’s leave disposable items behind, and march on relentlessly towards more sustainable solutions.

There aren’t enough voices saying that I feel good in my size L clothes. Or that even though I’m a woman, my leg can be hairy if I like it that way, and this does not mean I’m sloppy. I like when my roots are showing, and I don’t want to dye them just yet. I like the skin on my thighs. I’m happy that by boyfriend/girlfriend likes my stretch marks. It feels damn good to go out without wearing a bra. And there aren’t enough voices that dare to talk about menstruation, saying it’s not a necessary evil, but a superpower without which the world would be in a great trouble. There’s still an awful lot to do and speak about to normalize these subjects.

We would like to learn to communicate our needs. We are enlightened, independent women who can decide with confidence whether we’d like to buy products that match current trends and advertisements, or the one that’s best for us. This is also why we created Redy underwear: we felt the need for a period underwear that was born out of real feminine needs, one that was created by women for women.

As we’ve mentioned before, we would like to start an active discussion around menstruation taboos, distortions, and about how women on their period are not necessarily hysteric, crying creatures, eating ice-cream by the spoonful on their couch, as typically portrayed in movies. We had to wait until 2018 to see red fluid instead of blue in an advertisement to illustrate period blood. That’s not OK!

As you can see, we set many goals, but Redy was born in a resolute spirit and will live up to this, while wishing you a lot of strength to do the same. Because, as our slogan states

your period is a superpower.