We design underwear

that you can wear during your period. Even without a pad, tampon, cup or any other product. All day, without leaking.

The reign of disposable products is over. The new generation redesigned, reimagined and created #redypanties that are good for you #bodypositive, good for the environment #eco-friendly and do no harm #vegan.

Redy is an underwear that you can use on your period without any other menstrual products.

We kept on testing it for 1.5 years to make sure we found the most innovative materials. We brought textiles from all over the world to stretch, test and wear them out in order to find the best one.

This meant one and a half years of work, but now we can confidently say: these are the #redypanties that we proudly recommend to all. They are perfect for your period.

Let’s stir things up a bit.
Our aim is to reveal that we’re not likely to play tennis in white shorts during menstruation, and our blood is definitely not blue. We cast light on how the huge amount of existing menstrual taboos are unnecessary and harmful. By bringing our knowledge about our cycles up to date, we refresh and reinterpret it. We work on transforming period stigmas into a positive approach, according to which the menstrual cycle is a superpower. Let’s leave disposable items behind, and march on relentlessly towards more sustainable solutions.

#redypanties can absorb 1,5 – 2.5 normal tampons’ worth of blood. They’re comfortable, with no leaks or smells. You can wear them on heavier and lighter days, at night, during the weekend, at work, on a yoga class, or while working out or traveling. In fact, you can even wear them all day.

– We wanted to use materials that ensure a comfortable wear, therefore we were looking for thin fabrics.
– Textiles had to do their job safe and sound, so we needed fabrics with the highest absorption capacity.
– We had to keep in mind that smells and bacteria might occur around this sensitive area, so we could work with antibacterial solutions only.
– The end result is a period underwear, which you’re happy to take out from the drawer, because it’s environment-friendly, human-friendly, animal-friendly and performs flawlessly.


What did you like the best about the panties?

The feeling of safety that Redy panties gave. I also like the design, it’s simple, but looks nice. 

Dalma B.

What did you like the best about the panties?

What did you like the best about the panties? 

Szofi P.

What did you like the best about the panties?

That it doesn’t look like period underwear at all.

Klaudia G.